How can Olympus technology contribute to better cost efficiency while improving quality?

Delivering a high-quality examination should not be compromised by cost considerations. However, with rising numbers of procedures, cost efficiency becomes a pressing issue. Olympus endoscopes have been proven to enable time and cost savings.

Cecal insertion time can be reduced by 20% by using colonoscopes featuring Responsive Insertion Technology. They may help to gain time for additional examinations or detailed observation.(37)

By using ScopeGuide and colonoscopes with Responsive Insertion Technology, amounts and costs for sedative drugs can be reduced, contributing to quicker patient recovery. (31,32) Costs for biopsies and histopathology may be reduced by applying an optical diagnosis (24) and targeted biopsies (10) in daily practice.

Dual Focus may play an important role in optical diagnosis as it raises the ratio of high-confidence decisions – an important aspect to maximize the economic benefits of these strategies.

Why is colonoscopy under pressure to increase cost efficiency?

Colonoscopy is a clinically, as well as economically, effective modality for prevention of colorectal cancer. However, an increasing number of patients, as well as an increasing number of lesions also increase the need for time- and cost-effective procedures. In the esophagus, Barrett’s Esophagus is a major indication with increasing prevalence and significant costs for surveillance.(41)

Which procedural factors increase costs?

Apart from equipment costs, various factors influence cost efficiency (time required for the exam and patient recovery, staff required for the procedure, drugs being used, cost for histopathology or reprocessing).

Quality needs to be ensured.


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* The term "Proven" refers to the clinical outcomes reported in the numerous studies listed on this webpage.  Actual outcomes experienced in the individual clinical setting are reliant upon a number of environmental factors and may vary.